Mash Tank Farm​

Our in-house tank farm ages our pepper mashes to meet your needs.

Kosher Certified Delivery

Red Cayenne​

Fresh harvested cayenne are being staged mash production.

Red Cayenne Mash

Morfood produces top quality Kosher certified jalapeño and cayenne pepper mashes for the world's leading food manufacturers. We can customize your mash supply with the right varieties, pungency, or blending requirements. You can count on our vertical integration to deliver the best mashes starting with our hybrid seed selection, our GAP certified growing operation, and GMP and HACCP certified production facility.

Pepper Mash

Morfood specializes in growing high quality hybrid varieties that consistently meet our customers specifications. We work hand in hand with each customer's needs to select, grow, and deliver the best varieties for their production needs.

Other varieties: 

We can always put together customized programs with other varieties.

No-heat Jalapeños
Chile​ (Ahaheim type)
Sweet Cherry Peppers
Hot Jalapeños

Fresh Products

Red Jalapenos​

​Fresh harvested jalapeños are being staged mash production.

Red Jalapeño Mash 


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OK Kosher is the world’s leading kosher certification agency – recognized as the global benchmark for kosher standards and integrity.